19" 1U RackMount Chassis





Our design incorporates eight or night 9.2 cfm fans (including 2 or 3 in the power supply - 1 or 2 intake and 1 exhaust) for a total of 73.6 cfm of cooling. Cool air is drawn in through the hard drive cage and blown into the motherboard compartment and is then exhausted through 2 fans located in the right rear corner. Air is also exhausted through the fan at the rear of the power supply. In order to accomplish this arrangement of fans, a totally new unique asymmetrical chassis design was required.

We have also designed our chassis to accommodate full sized 12" X 13" dual processor motherboards such as the Intel Nightshade, which most of the competitive products on the market do not accommodate. Even if these chassis do allow the mounting of large motherboards, there is usually the major concern of lack of adequate cooling.

Our copyrighted and patent pending cooling solutions can provide cooling for over 3 GHz of processing. The exhaust temperature for a fully loaded dual processor server running at 750Mhz with dual hot plug Ultra 160 SCA-SCSI drives at our lab was only 16oC over the intake ambient temperature. If you are designing a server at this time and need help, please contact us for further information. The world's first implementation of a dual Slot 1 processor (750Mhz) server in a 1U chassis was based on the RC-110ATX 1U SUPER ULTRA COOL SERVER.



  • Fully support Standard ATX, Intel L440GX and CA815EAL and Sun Ultra Sparc AXe server system
  • Hot swappable hard drives for RAID 0 and RAID 1 and RAID 5 system
  • Up to 300W power supply and 11 cooling fans as maximum air flow
  • The strongest design for ALL 1U server system

Riser cards

  • 180 Degree X Rotatable Riser Card Bracket
  • Type X Right angle riser cards occupy the first slot on the motherboard, counting from the left to the right when facing the front of the chassis. All cards plugged into the Type A riser cards will be parallel to the motherboard with their components facing up. ( compatible with Intel CA815EAL and new coming motherboard ) PP 32-bit PCI riser card P 64-bit PCI riser card
  • Type Y Left angle riser cards occupy the sixth slot on the motherboard, counting from the left to the right when facing the front of the chassis. All cards plugged into the Type B riser cards will be parallel to the motherboard with its components facing down. ( compatible with Intel CA810EAL and L440GX and regular ATX motherboard ) P 32-bit PCI as standard ( the regular riser card we are using on the market now ) 64-bit PCI riser card
  • AGP riser card is pending now
  • All of our new chassis will be equipped with patent pending rotatable expansion slot brackets in order to mount Type X & Y riser cards.



RC-110ATX 1U Form Factor Rackmount chassis, Standard 19" Chassis specifications
Passive Backplane ATX form Factor Motherboard support
Control Panel One Power Switch, two LED indicators, one Reset Switch and one extra Keyboard connector
Power Supply 85-300W Open Frame Power Supply, auto-range AC 85~265VAC
Drive Bays 1 x 5.25" CD-ROM + 1 x 3.5" FDD + 1 x 3.5" HDD, totally 3 drive bays
Cooling Fan Support up to 11 cooling fans to optimize cooling
Vibration: Sweeping frequency: 5-35-200Hz, Amplitude: 0.6mm (zero to peak), Acceleration: 1.5G
Operating Temperature 0C - 55C
Humidity: 10% - 90% RH
Dimensions: 437.4 (W) x 430 (D) x 44 (H) mm
Order Info
RC-110ATX 1U 19" rackmount chassis with 80W P/S ATX Support




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