GPS Module

GM-80/81 GPS Engine



Operating with navigation system, security, car management or ITS.



  • Receiver: 12 parallel channel receiver tracks
  • Acquisition Time: Warm start: <38 seconds, Cold start: <45 seconds, Hot start: <8 seconds
  • Update Rate: 1 second continuously
  • Accuracy: Position: 5-25Mm CEP, 2m with DGPS, Velocity: 0.1m/sec, 0.05m/sec with DGPS
  • Time: 1 us
  • Dynamics: Altitude: -1,000m to +18,000m, Velocity: 515m/sec, Acceleration: 4G,
  • Interface: RS-232 (NMEA 183 and DGPS corrections)
  • TTL ( NMEA 183 and DGPS corrections)
  • Physical Dimension: GM-80: 46.3 (W) x 73.0 (L) x 15.4 (H) mm GM-81: 46.6 (W) x 71.1 (L) x 9.1 (H) mm (The height of pins is not included) Weight: 30g
  • Power consumption: programmable from 150mA to 60mA LED
  • Indicators Blinking: position fixed On: Powered

Optional Model:

  • GM-80 Series GM-80: W/Straight MCX connector, RS-232
  • GM-80-A: W/Right Angle MCX connector, RS-232
  • GM-80-1: W/1SEC pulse check straight MCX, RS-232
  • GM-80-A1: W/1SEC pulse crieck, angle MCX, RS-232
  • GM-80-T: W/Straight MCX connector, TTL
    GM-80-AT: W/Right Angle MCX connector, TTL
  • GM-80-T1: W/1SEC pulse check straight MCX, TTL
  • GM-80-AT1: W/1SEC pulse crieck, Right angle MCX, TTL
  • GM-81 Series (Popular Pin Type) GM-81-A: W/Lithium cell back up battery, RS-232
  • GM-81-A1: W/Gold capacitor back up battery, RS-232
  • GM-81-A2: W/O battery, RS-232
  • GM-81-A3: W/O battery, W/O power saving, RS-232
  • GM-81-T: W/Lithium cell back up battery, TTL
  • GM-81-T1: W/Gold capacitor back up battery, TTL
  • GM-81-T2: W/O battery, TTL
  • GM-81-T3: W/O battery, W/O power saving, TTL OEM Model




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