Embedded Single Board Computers
Coppermine- Socket 370 AT-8115 VGA/LAN/Audio/3.5" size/133MHz FSB
Coppermine- Socket 370 AT-8162 VGA/LCD/Intel LAN/Audio/TV-Out/133MHz FSB
Coppermine- Socket 370 AT-7862 VGA/LCD/LAN/Audio
Coppermine- Socket 370 HS-2601 VGA/LCD/Intel LAN/Single +5V/3.5" size
Coppermine- Socket 370 HS-4600 VGA/LCD/Intel LAN/Audio/TV-Out/GPS
Pentium AT-6112 VGA/LCD/LAN/Audio/400MHz CPU/3.5" size/+5V
Pentium AT-5112 VGA/LCD/LAN/Audio/300MHz CPU/3.5" size
Pentium HS-4500 VGA/LCD/LAN/Audio/GPS
486 HS-4000 VGA/LCD/LAN/4 COMs



GPS Module GM-80-81 For Embedded Applications


Embedded Boards - Riser Cards, Chassis, Power Supplies, EBX Embedded Boards, PC104
Half size, 386, 486, 586, Pentium, Full size, PII, PIII, Celleron, Coppermine and Embedded.
PICMG, PISA, and ISA backplanes from 2 slot to 20 slot, segmented and non segmented.
Rackmount Chassis 19"- 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 6U and 7U, Wallmount, 4, 6, 8 slot Half and full sized
Peripherals, Power supplies, Monitor Enclosures, Rack Mount Keyboards
Panel PC Embedded Computers


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