Full Size PICMG

Socket-370 Processor CPU Card with VGA/LAN & Gigabit LAN/Audio





The AS-3785 Series all-in-one single board computer is optimized for socket 370 FC-PGA processor, supporting I00MHz and 133 MHz Front Side Bus, the memory can accommodate is up to 512MB SDRAM. This board is based on the Intel® 815E type B chipset and is fully designed for harsh industrial Environment.

The AS-3785 series is with on board VGA controller and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet.  They are for CTI and high-end applications.

The other I/O function include two serial ports, one parallel port, two IDE interface, one FDC interface, 2 USB ports, Watch Dog Timer, DOC and PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse.



  • Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tualatin; 533MHz~1.26GHz

  • Intel® 815E type B

  • Support 512MB SDRAM (Max.) Memory

  • Front Side Bus Frequency: 66/100/133 MHz

  • Intel 815E chipset integrated with share memory architecture

  • 1 x 10/100Mbps : Built-in Intel® 815E chipset (i82562)

  • Software programmable watchdog timer

  • Hardware Monitoring



Processor Socket Socket 370 Processors, for Intel® Celeron™/ Pentium® III Processor Chipset:
Processor Speeds Intel Celeron/Coppermine/Tualatin; 533MHz~1.26GHz
BIOS Award BIOS, Y2K compliant, DMI, Plug and Play

Intel® 815E type B

Bus Interface PICMG
Cache Size L2 cache integrated in the CPU
Memory Three 168-pin DIMM sockets, Max. 512MB SDRAM
Onboard IDE

Two enhanced IDE interface supports 4 IDE devices including UDMA33/66/100, PIO mode 4 and bus master

Onboard Multi I/O 2 x RS-232 serial port (16C550 UARTs compatible) 1 x parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP) 2 x USB 1.1 (Pin header) 1 x IrDA (SIR) 1 x FDD port, support 1.44MB, 2.88MB, 3-mode function, 2 x ATA-100 channels
Floppy Interface Support one floppy disk drive
Onboard VGA

Intel 815E chipset integrated with share memory architecture

Onboard LAN

1 x 10/100Mbps : Built-in Intel® 815E chipset (i82562)

Onboard SSD DIP socket supports 2MB~144MB DiskOnChip Flash Disks
Watchdog Timer Set 1, 2, 10, 20, 110, 220 seconds, activity trigger with Reset or NMI
USB Support 2 USB ports
Parallel port Support SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port
Keyboard Headers for keyboard connector
Mouse PS/2 mouse header
ATX Power ATX power supported 5-pin ATX power and Extra
Power Connector ATX power connector
Power Voltage +5V, +12V, -12V
Power Consumption 12A@+5V, 220mA@+12V, 20mA@-12V

-20°C~80°C (-68°F~176°F)

Humidity 5% to 95% NC
Form Factor Full Size form factor
Dimensions 13.3" x 4.8" (338mm x 122mm)
AS-3785 Socket-370 Processor CPU Card with VGA/LAN & Gigabit LAN/Audio Option
AS-3785BS Optional  Sound interface




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